Monday, June 2, 2014

Going to finish this marathon with a sprint!

Bulgarian BBQ, missionary style!
We had a little barbecue last preparation day with the other Elders to celebrate memorial day. Not the best barbecue (our food got a little ashy) but it was still tasty!
This week was pretty good our investigators were all pretty busy and we didn't get to see them much but one of them that we recently started teaching came to church and he really liked it and he is progressing very well!
Also this week we were luck to have an East Europe Priesthood training meeting broadcast so we traveled into Varna to watch that there as we don't have the equipment here and plus we are a part of the Varna branch because we are only a group. The meeting was very good there were a few seventies and Elder Bednar there and the French guy from the presiding bishopric (I cant remember his name) it was really neat how they ran it based on the needs and concerns of the area and they used input from everyone (we could send in questions and comments) I learned a lot and it was good for the members that came!
We also had a ton of rain this week we had a couple days of straight pouring rain and that was a bit of a hamper for us in finding new people but we were blessed and were able to find a number of people, one guy we even were able to have a lesson with at a bus stop under the cover there! So just like you said the Lord will bless us when we give it our all, even if it is in a way that we don't expect! We've got a good week in front of us too as we've got a lot of lessons already set up and our investigators are a bit more free too so we're going to finish this marathon with a sprint!
The district here will hopefully have a  couple baptisms this month and the members are doing well, we've had the third hour three weeks in a row now (only with two or three of the members) but that is better than not having it at all! I can't really think of anything else that is new or really sticks out my companion is doing well I really want to help him become a better missionary than I am/was and so I try to give him advice and such a lot ( he may be getting a little annoyed with me but it is for his own good and I try to do it in a constructive way) but we get along alright and work through any concerns we have so it is all good!
Also, so you know next week I probably won't write because I will be traveling into Sofia and then there usually is an evening of stuff for departing missionaries but you will hear from me soon enough! I am excited to see you all and to give you all hugs, one request that I do have is that there will be some cheerio treat (or at least the ingredients) at home, marshmallows don't really exist here and I've just been craving some cheerio treat. But enough about that!

Love you all lots! Have a  great week!!
Elder Maxwell