Monday, November 25, 2013

A very blessed missionary!

So just to let you know, your son is a very blessed missionary, we have our council meeting this week so we were going to have to come in today to Sofia on the bus but yesterday the Wilsteads were in Varna and they gave us a ride in to Sofia so that was good because the buses are not the most comfortable.  Then we find out that the American family is having the Thanksgiving dinner on pday this week so it just so happens that we are here for that so 2 years in a row I get an incredible Thanksgiving dinner! Other than that Thanksgiving will just be a normal day for us but it's all good because our normal days are pretty good!
This last week was good for us, we had the training meeting that Elder Measom and I were responsible for, and that went well so that was good. We still are working with the one family and the Grandmother came to church again and was participating in the lessons and one of the members that lives close to her wants to come to the lessons with us. So it is good that the members here are helping us out in our lessons! We found a few cool people and another family who are interested to learn more. We found a mother with two daughters and the mother want's her daughters to learn more about faith and God and so we will go visit them with a member this week.
We had a blessing too where we had a member call one of our investigators who hasn't been to church in a while and invite him and he came and had a really good time and it was a perfect week for him to come to church the lessons were all for him and I am sure he felt the spirit! It wasn't a big thing for the member to do but it meant a lot for the investigator and it got him to church!
We most likely will have a lot of traveling this week for our council meeting then we have exchanges in Veliko Turnovo and then an interview in Ruse, so we will have to get as many lessons as we can in the time that we get in our area. 
I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Maxwell 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Things are going good

I am glad that you got the pictures from zone conference I put a lot of effort into them to look good  and it would be a shame if they never got to you! Not really though it was pretty easy and I didn't do anything but thanks to Sis. Wilstead for sending those!
The mac and cheese was good but it wasn't really as awesome and delicious as I remember it being  but I am excited to have some home made mac and cheese with bacon when I get home!
We were able to meet with the families some more although one of them we are transferring over to the sister missionaries because they live in their area and they will be able to lessons with them at their home and with the members who are close.
The investigator that got the leg cramp, we've worked with him for a while and he is pretty goofy so he just laid there for a couple minutes and then we helped him get up. 
Funny story, this week was E. Measoms b-day and I did not know so one morning he wanted to run to the store for workout to get some Oreos for a Reese's pie and it was pretty cold but I went anyway and we made the pie for breakfast and then it took me half the day to figure out it was his birthday I finally got it when he said he wanted to go out for dinner and it was on his parents. So I was glad I went for the pie stuff !

Yesterday the English couple that is retired here in a village had us out for an English dinner and that was pretty good and we were grateful to have a Sunday roast with them!
Other than that things are going good.  We've got some good investigators and the weather is still pretty good, just a little bit cold. Today we went to ice skate at a sport complex and I've sort of got the hockey stop down now! Then we played some basketball and soccer so it was a really good p-day!
This week we probably will head down to Burgas again and we've also got a zone leader training meeting that we will get to lead so it'll be a very busy week getting all that in as well as meeting with all our investigators so that is good!

Have a great week! Love you!
Elder Maxwell 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

The best things that happened ...

This week one of the best things that happened was we started teaching a cool family who is interested in our message and who have very strong faith, and they read and pray and keep their commitments!
Since you asked, when we went shopping this week (last week we haven't gone yet today), we bought a ton of chicken and potatoes some cheese a lot of eggs and milk and bread some peppers and oranges and bananas and bread and cornflakes and kicelo mlyako and lyoutenitsa and shpek and some pasta. Probably some other stuff but that's all I can really think of.
 kicelo mlyako



The thing that my companion does the most different from me is love football otherwise we are basically the same with small differences.
We had eleven lessons this week. In one of our lessons with an investigator the spirit was really strong, he had dropped off the map for a little but we were able to meet with him, and so talked about why it is important to live and learn about the gospel and the spirit was very strong and the lesson went really well then he got a really bad leg cramp and got up then fell over, so that was a bit weird.
Also in church we had a eastern Europe broadcast with Elder Nelson and some other church leaders and that was really good!
Other thing's from this week, we had a meeting in Sofia and I got to see and talk to Elder Bennion again (through Skype) so that was cool and I am excited to be at university with him again, we will have to be sure to room together again!

Have an awesome week I love you all!
Elder Maxwell

Monday, November 4, 2013

You never really know how much your little efforts can lead to!!

So this week was good.  We were here in Varna all week and had exchanges with the Elders here, that was pretty good.  We had a Halloween activity for our investigators and the members and that went well. They all had a good time and the members were able to get to know the investigators and vice versa so it was good. Although not too many people here know about Halloween, basically just the younger kids celebrate it, but everyone enjoyed the activity and we had some fun games for them, like donuts on a string and apple bobbing! 
We had a couple pretty successful nights of tracting this week and we found a couple families! With one family, they invited us in and they were sort of religious but had been pretty busy and hadn't gone to church in a long time. So we were sharing about the restoration with them and when we shared Joseph Smith's first vision the spirit was so strong and the mother right after asked how she could learn more so we set up a return appointment with them and hopefully we will be able to keep teaching them! The other family was similar, they used to meet with the Jehovah Witness missionaries but with their kids they got busy and lost contact but they have great faith and wanted to learn more about our message!
It is just like the family that Elder Taylor and I found in Blagoevgrad that used to meet with the JW and they got baptized! I called them up one evening after planning this week to see how they were doing and the 14 year old son passes the sacrament every week and is going to the weekly seminary course they have.  He told me he can't wait until he is old enough to be a missionary! So you never really know how much your little efforts can lead to!! I am very happy for them and hope to be able to continue to find families to teach and to help them receive of the blessing of the restored gospel!
This week we have transfer calls so we will see if I get to stay here in Varna for another transfer or head somewhere else! Today we travel into Sofia for a council meeting but luckily we don't have any exchanges this week so we will still have a good amount of time in our area! 
I love you all!
Have a great week!  
Старейшина Максуел