Monday, November 18, 2013

Things are going good

I am glad that you got the pictures from zone conference I put a lot of effort into them to look good  and it would be a shame if they never got to you! Not really though it was pretty easy and I didn't do anything but thanks to Sis. Wilstead for sending those!
The mac and cheese was good but it wasn't really as awesome and delicious as I remember it being  but I am excited to have some home made mac and cheese with bacon when I get home!
We were able to meet with the families some more although one of them we are transferring over to the sister missionaries because they live in their area and they will be able to lessons with them at their home and with the members who are close.
The investigator that got the leg cramp, we've worked with him for a while and he is pretty goofy so he just laid there for a couple minutes and then we helped him get up. 
Funny story, this week was E. Measoms b-day and I did not know so one morning he wanted to run to the store for workout to get some Oreos for a Reese's pie and it was pretty cold but I went anyway and we made the pie for breakfast and then it took me half the day to figure out it was his birthday I finally got it when he said he wanted to go out for dinner and it was on his parents. So I was glad I went for the pie stuff !

Yesterday the English couple that is retired here in a village had us out for an English dinner and that was pretty good and we were grateful to have a Sunday roast with them!
Other than that things are going good.  We've got some good investigators and the weather is still pretty good, just a little bit cold. Today we went to ice skate at a sport complex and I've sort of got the hockey stop down now! Then we played some basketball and soccer so it was a really good p-day!
This week we probably will head down to Burgas again and we've also got a zone leader training meeting that we will get to lead so it'll be a very busy week getting all that in as well as meeting with all our investigators so that is good!

Have a great week! Love you!
Elder Maxwell 

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