Monday, November 11, 2013

The best things that happened ...

This week one of the best things that happened was we started teaching a cool family who is interested in our message and who have very strong faith, and they read and pray and keep their commitments!
Since you asked, when we went shopping this week (last week we haven't gone yet today), we bought a ton of chicken and potatoes some cheese a lot of eggs and milk and bread some peppers and oranges and bananas and bread and cornflakes and kicelo mlyako and lyoutenitsa and shpek and some pasta. Probably some other stuff but that's all I can really think of.
 kicelo mlyako



The thing that my companion does the most different from me is love football otherwise we are basically the same with small differences.
We had eleven lessons this week. In one of our lessons with an investigator the spirit was really strong, he had dropped off the map for a little but we were able to meet with him, and so talked about why it is important to live and learn about the gospel and the spirit was very strong and the lesson went really well then he got a really bad leg cramp and got up then fell over, so that was a bit weird.
Also in church we had a eastern Europe broadcast with Elder Nelson and some other church leaders and that was really good!
Other thing's from this week, we had a meeting in Sofia and I got to see and talk to Elder Bennion again (through Skype) so that was cool and I am excited to be at university with him again, we will have to be sure to room together again!

Have an awesome week I love you all!
Elder Maxwell

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