Monday, November 4, 2013

You never really know how much your little efforts can lead to!!

So this week was good.  We were here in Varna all week and had exchanges with the Elders here, that was pretty good.  We had a Halloween activity for our investigators and the members and that went well. They all had a good time and the members were able to get to know the investigators and vice versa so it was good. Although not too many people here know about Halloween, basically just the younger kids celebrate it, but everyone enjoyed the activity and we had some fun games for them, like donuts on a string and apple bobbing! 
We had a couple pretty successful nights of tracting this week and we found a couple families! With one family, they invited us in and they were sort of religious but had been pretty busy and hadn't gone to church in a long time. So we were sharing about the restoration with them and when we shared Joseph Smith's first vision the spirit was so strong and the mother right after asked how she could learn more so we set up a return appointment with them and hopefully we will be able to keep teaching them! The other family was similar, they used to meet with the Jehovah Witness missionaries but with their kids they got busy and lost contact but they have great faith and wanted to learn more about our message!
It is just like the family that Elder Taylor and I found in Blagoevgrad that used to meet with the JW and they got baptized! I called them up one evening after planning this week to see how they were doing and the 14 year old son passes the sacrament every week and is going to the weekly seminary course they have.  He told me he can't wait until he is old enough to be a missionary! So you never really know how much your little efforts can lead to!! I am very happy for them and hope to be able to continue to find families to teach and to help them receive of the blessing of the restored gospel!
This week we have transfer calls so we will see if I get to stay here in Varna for another transfer or head somewhere else! Today we travel into Sofia for a council meeting but luckily we don't have any exchanges this week so we will still have a good amount of time in our area! 
I love you all!
Have a great week!  
Старейшина Максуел

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