Monday, October 28, 2013

I honestly love these people so much!

It is funny that our family is getting so small at home but really is still quite large, I saw in Ammon's letter a similar comment about how they don't have many people at home either! It is strange that everyone grows up.
We actually had the time change yesterday so it looks like I'm an hour closer to being in the same time as all of you!
So for me, this last week was pretty good, we were up in Ruse on exchanges and it was good. I really like Ruse and I'm good friends with the missionaries there so that is always a bonus!
Our investigators are doing good and we should have a baptism soon! We had zone conference this week and that was awesome to have some training and to learn and grow as a zone! It is incredible how we are being blessed in this mission and I have high expectations for Bulgaria as the church continues to grow and bless the lives or more and more families and people!  Even though it can be (and is) hard and discouraging at times, I am always excited for the potential and possibilities that there are here in Bulgaria! I honestly love these people so much and am incredibly grateful for the time I have to work with and among them!
Other than that, it's starting to get a little bit colder but it's still not too bad I've been lucky to be along the sea for the winters, so far, where it is a bit warmer (but also a bit windier)! 
I love you all have a super week! 

Elder Maxwell

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