Monday, October 7, 2013

Spinach Banitsa, What?

Conference was way good! At least the Saturday sessions, because that's all I've seen so far! It is nice having it at home but in the church isn't bad either and we had a few investigators come and stay for the first couple hours so that was good! Oh and this week me and Elder Measom cooked some breakfast casserole for dinner one night, it wasn't as good as yours mom, but it was still good and you've got to have breakfast casserole conference week! And I probably would have done nachos but they don't really exist here so sadly we went without. And next week we will finish up the Sunday sessions so that will be good! Although the last couple years I've really missed having conference at home with the family!

Everything is going well and I would love to serve with Ammon but I don't think it will ever happen but I would love to pick up some more Turkish and go talk with the tailor! It would probably take me a while to learn Turkish but maybe I could sort of understand stuff after a couple months if I had someone teaching me. We had a pretty good week and had a good amount of lessons.  We are trying to get some lessons in the home of the members.  Our mission president told us it is good to have lessons in the church with member "friends", it is better to have them in the homes of the investigators with a member friend and it is best to have the lessons in the home of the member friend. So you should introduce yourself to the missionaries investigators and invite them and the missionaries over for a lesson (FHE, Dinner,.. ) they would probably like that. You have already had lessons at home right?

Sadly, and also not, we do have a lot of traveling this week, we have a meeting / visa work in Sofia this week and maybe an interview/ exchange in Ruse so we will be out and about a bit. But I do love exchanges, especially in Ruse, its a very nice city and the missionaries there are super! It's gotten a bit cooler this week were down around 5 degrees in the mornings and there is a pretty cold wind that comes off the sea but no snow and the last couple days have been a bit warmer and sunnier. 

One story from this week, we were helping this one couple move a wood burning stove up into their apartment and the wife is pregnant and the doctors had told her to eat lots of spinach so after we helped them they fed us some lunch and it was everything spinach. Spinach soup, spinach banitsa so we ate a lot of spinach, it wasn't my favorite meal but it wasn't bad. I probably ate more spinach than I have from the rest of my life combined!

Have a great week you all are amazing!
Elder Maxwell

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