Monday, September 30, 2013

I love being able to serve here!

It sounds like everyone is growing up while I am gone, that's not very fair and it shouldn't be allowed, but for now I guess I'll just let it be - there's not too much that I can do about it! 

So, I am staying in Varna for at least 6 more weeks and I will be staying with Elder Measom!!  Although it will have to come pretty soon (my call to go serve in Turkey with Elder Bennion) otherwise, I won't be able to learn the language very well!  Ha-ha, that probably won't ever happen but I am ready if that is where the Lord needs me to go!

Bulgaria is a very beautiful country and I love being able to serve here, the people aren't as busy and rushed as people in New York but they are busy enough that it can be a little difficult talking to them on the street and setting up lessons. I can't complain, I sometimes forget that people don't have all day, everyday to talk about the gospel and all.
There are tons of strollers here, especially when the weather is good, there are always mothers, fathers and grandparents out on a walk with their kids.  The family is pretty important to everyone here and they are often in the parks doing things together.

This week we were in Varna all week! We just had exchanges here with the district leader so we were able to get a full week in, which was nice.  This week though, we'll be going down to Burgas for a baptismal interview and some exchanges!
Our investigators are doing pretty well, actually our one investigator who was ready for baptism but went out to the village for work gave us a call this week and we were able to meet with him. He broke his hand while he was out there and he lives alone so we helped him out with a few things and are able to meet with him more often now!  
We were going to have a branch sports activity this week, it was sunny all week but then all the sudden sat. it started to rain and so we weren't able to have that, it was a little disappointing but that is what back up plans are for!
Another cool thing, we had dinner and a lesson with a couple who has a son on a mission in London and after we finished the meal their daughter (not a member) shows up with her kids and we were able to have a lesson with all of them! It was really funny because the mother invited them to sit down with us for the message and when they said yes (she was in the kitchen where they couldn't really see her) she gave us a huge thumbs up and was really excited. It was pretty funny, you would have had to have been there, but we had a good little message with them!  

Contacting was really good this week, although the weather is starting to turn more cold and wet so there won't be so many people out on the streets, but there are lots of ways to find people so it's all good. 
One thing I can think of now for a Christmas package would be a box of mac n cheese. I haven't had that in a long while!

Have a great week! Lots of love,
Elder Maxwell

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