Monday, September 23, 2013

Bulgaria is doing well!

Bulgaria is doing well, we had another training meeting that me and Elder Measom led this week and it went well.  Elder Measom is an excellent missionary and a great teacher! Our investigator is still out in the village and we still don't know when exactly he will get back, hopefully he's not trying to avoid us or anything!
We had a pretty good week we were able to get more lessons than we had last week, so that was good.  We talked with so many people this week and had a pretty successful week of contacting so now hopefully some of these people will turn into investigators! We talk with a lot of Russians and also Turks from time to time.  Elder Measom and I are getting pretty good at a few sentences we know in each of the languages, we can ask the how they are and all but after that we just have to ask if they know English. We have a new investigator that met with missionaries a few years ago, he learns kind of slow but he has a pretty sincere desire to learn and do that which is right! Also one investigator that I worked with in Sofia (and Elder Measom worked with him there too) lives here in Varna for now but he has been really busy with work.  Now that the tourist season is dying down he has more time and was even able to come to church on Sunday! 
This last week we had exchanges in Shumen and it went well there, it's a pretty city. For our exercise we ran up the hill to this giant communist statue thing and got some pictures it was pretty cool but it was a big hill and I just about died from all the stairs!  I'm going to have to go running more when I get home, I've lost all of my cardiovascular endurance from only rarely going running. Although, we do good workouts every morning I just can't run as far as I used to be able to. But, I am staying healthy and all I still haven't gained or lost any weight, I try to eat a ton but we just walk to much for me to put on any weight and our work outs are to short for me to build any real muscle. 
We do have transfer calls this week, then next week the transfers.  I would guess that I will stay here with Elder Measom and I would like that but, we will see.  It is good that you do role plays with the missionaries.  I love role playing, we usually do at least a little every morning in our companionship study, it can be a little awkward but it is so helpful in figuring out how to say things in a way that allows the spirit to testify and for others to understand our message! I also like how it is so easy to apply to specific situations and then we also can get feedback from others on what we can do better! 

So yeah, that's about it from this week, nothing super exciting or anything that I can think about.  I will try to get some pictures sent home soon but they do have some restrictions on what we can send because of the rough relations between Russia and America at the moment but I will see what I can do. 

Elder Maxwell

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