Monday, November 25, 2013

A very blessed missionary!

So just to let you know, your son is a very blessed missionary, we have our council meeting this week so we were going to have to come in today to Sofia on the bus but yesterday the Wilsteads were in Varna and they gave us a ride in to Sofia so that was good because the buses are not the most comfortable.  Then we find out that the American family is having the Thanksgiving dinner on pday this week so it just so happens that we are here for that so 2 years in a row I get an incredible Thanksgiving dinner! Other than that Thanksgiving will just be a normal day for us but it's all good because our normal days are pretty good!
This last week was good for us, we had the training meeting that Elder Measom and I were responsible for, and that went well so that was good. We still are working with the one family and the Grandmother came to church again and was participating in the lessons and one of the members that lives close to her wants to come to the lessons with us. So it is good that the members here are helping us out in our lessons! We found a few cool people and another family who are interested to learn more. We found a mother with two daughters and the mother want's her daughters to learn more about faith and God and so we will go visit them with a member this week.
We had a blessing too where we had a member call one of our investigators who hasn't been to church in a while and invite him and he came and had a really good time and it was a perfect week for him to come to church the lessons were all for him and I am sure he felt the spirit! It wasn't a big thing for the member to do but it meant a lot for the investigator and it got him to church!
We most likely will have a lot of traveling this week for our council meeting then we have exchanges in Veliko Turnovo and then an interview in Ruse, so we will have to get as many lessons as we can in the time that we get in our area. 
I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Maxwell 

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