Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All is well at the MTC!

All is going well here at the MTC, very busy all the time but that is good. The language is pretty tough but it is coming.  We should be getting some new elders in our hall this week because some left today and supposedly the last group of Bulgarians were pretty awesome, everyone always was talking about them, so we've got to live up to that with the new elders!

It's hard to get a solid workout here although my companion and a few other guys get up at six to do workouts so we get some in then and our district has put together a pretty good sand volleyball team during gym time.

My companion, Elder von Niederhausern is from Florida ( Swiss ancestry) and he is loads of fun and a great companion.  Our district is 11 Elders and 2 Sisters, all going to Bulgaria  (Bulgarian speaking) and they are all awesome and great missionaries to work with.  My room is me and my companion and Elder Greenacre, from England, and Elder Bellows, here from Utah.  They are all super fun and especially Greenacre is way funny (and his accent is pretty awesome too!)

The MTC is way awesome, the spirit here is incredible and we have had some amazing speakers already!  Although, tomorrow, all of the Americans in our distric fly to LA to the consulate there to get stuff signed, which is cool but, we are also going to miss the special devotional tomorrow afternoon where a good number of general authorities are guarenteed to be.  That's a bummer but not much I can do about that.

It is very crowded here, especially since they are training all the presidents this week.  Half of the cafeteria is closed off which makes getting food a very long process, the food isn't too bad but it all is very similar.

The language is hard and we've already had to "teach" two lessons in it!  I dont understand a thing that our investigator ever says, but I've been able to learn some phrases and my ability to read faster is definately better. We spend a good portion of our day in the classroom and studying. The days are very long and very busy, but they do seem to fly by!

Lets see... something funny that happened... was last night one of the Elders that left for the field this morning had a confetti bomb thing that shot confetti out of the end of it and so we all went into the bathroom to watch him shoot it off but he held it backwards on accident and shot himself in the groin, it was pretty funny!

I am very glad to be here and learn of Christ and the Bulgarian language.  Being here has really strengthened my testimony of the spirit as it consistantly helps me with my studies and testifies the truth of the things that I learn.  I know that Christ knows and loves each of us and that His atonement is for everyone.  I cant wait to get to Bulgaria and share the message of Christ with them!
Elder оr Cтарейшина (star-ay-shee-na)

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