Monday, July 2, 2012

Loving the Work!

Okay so this week was good. Tuesday,  we got up early to go to the airport and flew to LA.  We got to talk to a few people. ( A large group of missionaries tends to attract attention!) Then, we went to the consulate and got all our stuff signed.  We went to the LA temple for a bit and then we went back to the airport and flew back.  When we got back, the bus driver that picked us up was late and he had droped a group of missionaries off at the wrong place so we had to get them and take them to where they were supposed to be and that took forever so we didn't get back till very late and we ended up missing dinner and everything, that was a pain. 

We had classes all week and one of the class periods we had one of the Swedish teachers, Brother Harris, sub and he taught Austin when he was in the MTC. I also met a couple of Sisters who got in this week heading to Rochester, so if you get and fresh Sisters in the ward in the next couple weeks be sure and feed them!

I get to see Ammon all the time, he is in my zone and just down the hall from me.  Their classroom is also pretty close so we get to talk lots. Oh and last week they had the mission president training stuff so they had half the cafeteria all closed off and they just had paper cups so every meal we would take like five cup each back to the room.  We built this awesome arch thing around our door and labeled the top (keystone) the Book of Mormon in Bulgarian but then the room inspectors took it all down the next day which was kinda lame but I got some pictures of it.
My disrict is totally awesome!  We all get along real well, it's like we are a family and we have some really good times.  Last night we had a devotional thing where this guy did this act as, I think it was, Willard Richards (or something like that, one of the guys who was with Joseph at Carthage jail). That was sweet and the spirit was way strong and after, we sang, Praise to the Man" and that was absolutly incredible!  There is no doubt in my mind that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored the gospel to the earth in these latter days and translated the Book of Mormon, through the power of God.
Thats all I can really think of that's had gone on this week, the time sure is flying by, loving the work!!
старейшина Maxwell

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