Saturday, July 28, 2012

My MTC District

Okay, so this is my district!
(except for the middle sister, she is a solo sister going to Poland so she is companions with our sisters) 

For the Elders... (from the left):
  •  there is Elder Killpack, from Idaho Falls, he is way cool and loads of fun
  • then there is Elder Bellows from Spanish Fork, he is interesting and a good elder
  • then Elder Wall who is from Michigan, this guy is super smart and he's already basically fluent in Spanish and he is learning Bulgarian super fast!
  • Next is Elder Straton, he's from Layton, UT and he is crazy organized, he's the one who got this picture for everyone.
  • Then there is Me!
  • Then my companion, Elder von Niederhausern, from Florida.  He is super fun and a great missionary.  He did Air force ROTC and wrestling so he is pretty buff and he loves eating all the food here. 
  • Next is Elder Greenacre, from southern England.  He is way funny and he used to be a model so he loves getting in everyone's pictures!
  • Then it is Elder Mock, from South Carolina, he is great and super cool.
  • Then it is Elder Goodwin, from Washington, he played in BYU's marching band last year.
  • Next is Elder Forshee, from Highland, UT he is crazy good at singing
  • On the end is Elder Hoy, from Canada, and he is very Canadian, lots of fun
For the Sisters.... (from the left):
  • Sister Frame, from UT, and she doesn't like making normal faces for pictures.
  • Then Sister Packard, going to Poland, she is crazy buff and she wants to teach PE when she gets back.
  • Then there is Sister Roper, she is super nice to everyone.
So that is all the Bulgarians at the MTC, plus a Polish Sister!  This was from our first weeks temple walk, that is why the sky is so smokey.  So, yeah, lots of cool people to work with for sure!!!

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