Monday, July 30, 2012

I am so excited to get out to Bulgaria!!

This week has been pretty awesome and this P-day has already been super good we finally got to go back to the temple this morning!  I saw John Wilson after I got back too, he is working for BYU and he was refilling some vending machines so we got some free ice cream from him 'cuz they have to throw out any that have holes in them so he just gave them to us!
The Olympics sound like they had a good opening I wish I could watch them, I love the Olympics!
Oh well, lets see... also this week, one of the new elders in our hall is the boy who played Joseph in the restoration movie, that was cool. Oh and one night, me and a few other guys from our district, hid in a room under the beds and in the closets, then when Elder Wall was going to sleep we all jumped out and like dog piled him, it was pretty fun.
Other than that nothing too exciting, just classes and all. The language is coming along well I feel pretty comfortable teaching the lessons and understanding and answering questions although I'm still not very good at just talking, my non-gospel vocabulary is pretty small. Still having a good time here at the MTC but I am so excited to get out to Bulgaria!!

I know that if we will study hard and seek to do what our Heavenly Father wants us to do the Spirit will guide us! Our Heavenly Father loves us and has given us so much!

And yes, please do write, these other elders are making me look bad with all the letters they get! Ha ha, just kidding but I would love to hear from you all!
Love Старейшина Максуел

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