Monday, August 6, 2012

Not too much new!

Hey Everybody!

Okay, so this week not too much new, definitely ready to head out - only two more weeks!!!

So lets see... we found a praying mantis at the field and we named him Ivan and kept him in an empty licorice tub for a couple days.  We would catch bees and feed them to him, it was way cool watching him catch them and eat them.  He is pretty awesome but we let him go after a couple days cuz we're not really supposed to have pets. He was pretty big, he ate five bee's in one day once.  He was pretty awesome, I'll have to send a picture of him.

The language is coming along well.  I love teaching in Bulgarian! It is so cool teaching and being able to talk and teach even at a basic level! We have committed both of our investigators to baptism!  (even though they are just the teachers acting as one of the investigators they had, it is so fun being able to get to know them and teach them of Christ and the gospel!)

Well I'm almost out of time but thanks again for the letters and don't worry about everyone else getting more than me.  Some of these people just get ridiculous amounts of mail I think it's going to be tough for them in Bulgaria only being able to get the mail like every two months at the zone conference. But yeah, anyways...

Love you all, have an awesome week!!
Elder Maxwell

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