Monday, August 27, 2012

I've got a lot to tell.

   Okay so I'm just going to go right into my week I've got a lot to tell.
   First of all Bulgaria is awesome and super fun but it is a lot of work especially the first couple days getting used to the time change. The language is way crazy I have a hard time understanding anything but the simplest sentences which makes contacting kind of hard but it's still fun.
    My companion, Elder Gardner, is way cool.  He is from Texas and is a great missionary.  He has been out for 22 months so I will be his last companion but he is very nice and patient with me as I try to learn the language. We are serving in Sofia the First Branch and me and my companion are the first and second counselors in the branch presidency.  I don't really do anything but sit up on the stand and try not to fall asleep and then after the meetings I help the clerk with tithing but that's about all.  So, church was cool it is mostly old people we probably had around twenty or so people there and it was alright but I literally had no idea what was going on the whole time.   They did have me introduce myself and bear my testimony, it wasn't very good - it's like as soon as I got up there I forgot all the Bulgarian that I had learned!  That was pretty sweet but I'm sure they don't mind too much. So that was church. 

   Going back, on the first day we got here, we did paper work and some contacting then we went to a park and talked about the history of the mission and stuff.  Then we had dinner and we had shopksa salad and moussika, the salad is cut up tomatoes and cucumbers with like a feta cheese and the moussika was a potato and meat casserole type dish they were both pretty good - although I like the moussika a bit more. Then the next day we had a mission orientation and got our companions and where we were going to serve and since we are just in Sofia we went out and did a bit of contacting and had a lesson with one of our investigators Hristo. 

   Friday was way cool we had a lesson with Sophi, she is way cool and speaks very good English so that was cool and we had a lesson with a recent convert Lyoudmil, he was super nice and a is a very good guy. Then we went and we got some groceries for one lady who can't afford on her own and took them to her. Her apartment was probably one of the sketchiest places I've ever been ( and Bulgaria isn't the cleanest place) there were flies all over and spiders and my companion says he saw some roaches behind me when we were sharing a message with her but she did have a cool cat that could open doors on it's own and she was very nice and patient with my Bulgarian so that was a pretty cool experience.
    So yeah, Saturday were were just contacting all day that is a lot of rejection but it is fun.  There are some kind of rude people though, one guy spit at my companions feet and one lady went kind of psycho on me although I had no idea what she was saying so I had to ask my companion and he says she was just all "you need to work and this isn't work" or something like that. 

   So yeah that's about all, Bulgaria is way sweet and I am having a good time! 

 Love you all, have a great week!
      старейшина максуел

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