Monday, August 20, 2012

I am super excited to go!

Hey!  Sorry this is kind of a later response, we were packing most of the morning! So, I am super excited to go but kind of bummed because Ammon will not be traveling with us the Turks have temporarily been re assigned to the New York, New York south mission (Turkish speaking) because the missionaries are having trouble with the visas in turkey, the missionaries that were there are back in Bulgaria for a bit now too.
Okay so this week went by crazy fast and it was really good, we got to see most of our teachers mission pictures and hear some stories and then they both guessed where we will first serve. For me they guessed Sofia and Ruse.  We will get to see our last teachers pictures and all tonight!

I am super excited to get out to Bulgaria but my luggage is very close to the weight limit but I should be fine, they give us way too many heavy books here at the MTC. I am also glad to get back to cooking and eating real food everything is the same here and they just repeat every few weeks.

I cannot wait until I get to invite the people of Bulgaria to come to Christ.  Hopefully, they will be able to understand me and I will be able to understand some of what they say. I love teaching here at the MTC especially in the TRC, when we get to teach other people than our teachers, and I can't wait to teach those in Bulgaria!

Real quick experience this week: so me and Elder Von, in the TRC, got to teach a RM who just got back like two weeks earlier and it was so much fun to teach him.  His Bulgarian was sweet to listen to and the Spirit was there so strong.  After the TRC we get feedback cards from the person and it is cool to see how the Spirit can guide a lesson to fit a certain individuals needs!

I am out of time but I love you all, have a good week and hopefully I have some good stories for next week!
Elder Maxwell

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