Monday, March 31, 2014

Finally a Real Missionary!

 A member had his bike at the church and let me take it for a spin
( I'm a real missionary now that I've ridden a bike in a suit!)
This week was pretty good, our investigator got baptized and confirmed!!!

We need to find some new investigators though, we've been talking with lots of people and getting contact from them but they either keep putting us off or don't show up to our lessons! But we will keep trying and seeking for ways to improve and the investigators will come, hopefully with their families!! We went to Pazardzhik this week to do a baptismal interview there and that went well, it's a nice little town and then we had to hurry back to get to our lessons, we almost missed our train getting back but luckily we made it! We had some pretty good lessons this week although we are still trying to find more less actives to work with. It is the same with a lot of them as with our potential investigators they either are busy this week or they don't show up or are never home when we stop by. But that won't stop us, we will figure out a way to meet with them!

Also, a cool experience from this week, but first an explanation so we in the mission are really pushing to have FHE (Family Home Evening)  with the members investigators or really basically anyone we can, so on Monday we had planned to go and have a family home evening with a family in our area and with one of their friends and about an hour or so before they called and cancelled on us so as our back up plan we a had a family we had tracted into that we thought to go try. So we bought some treats and went to go see them but we couldn't get in with them. But we still wanted to have a FHE and we had prayed to be able to have one before we had left so we decided that we would try finding another family through tracting so we were talking with all the people we met on the streets and trying all the blocks but all of the blocks in the area were locked. That went on for a half hour or so but then we saw a man coming with his son and we stopped him and started talking with him and out of the blue he invites us to come over to his apartment! So we went with him and his son had a little FHE with them!!

Things are going well, the weather here is nice, a couple days were a little chilly this week but overall it's quite nice. It is good serving with Elder Gustafsson he is a lot of fun and a very good obedient missionary! He makes Swedish pancakes every Sunday, they basically are the same as crepes just a little bit more sugar and he cooks them with a lot of oil. you may have to check with Austin on those I think he just does that because his pans back home weren't stick free. But however it is they are good!
Love you!! Have a great week!
Elder Maxwell

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