Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, sorry I couldn't write on Monday but we got to have a pretty good Thanksgiving! We got to play some American football this morning and we had an awesome meal with all the good Thanksgiving stuff: turkey, potatoes, gravy, rolls, pie and tons of other good food, at the Schultz's and we had basically everyone that is American and LDS in Sofia there. It was really good and sorry to everyone else but I probably won't have any time to write you, I have very little time before we have to go and meet someone for a lesson but I still love you all!

So we are super busy all the time!  We have had tons of people who we would try to set up appointments with that wouldn't show up but we also were able to meet with a lot of really cool people! We have our investigator getting baptized this week.  He is so cool and so prepared! He knows so much already and he is so humble and awesome I am way excited for him!

Lets see it's gotten a lot colder this week but still no snow.  I really need to get a coat for winter -though it is hard finding time though to do that.

Also, this week, we did some tracting - knocking on doors when it gets darker and colder but it is pretty interesting although I don't think it is as effective as just talking to people on the streets but we found some pretty cool blocks to tract. Here in Sofia everyone basically lives in an apartment and they have big concrete buildings or the older ones are sometimes brick and each has a couple vhodes ( "fodes") that have a number of apartments on each floor usually they are locked so we just walk till we find one that is open and then work our way down from the top. It's pretty cool but it's hard to get people to listen.

Overall it's been a pretty good week. I'm so tired all the time though but it's okay. I'm doing work and having a good time!

But yeah I've got to run now, off to more work! I love you all have a super week!
старейшина Максуел

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