Monday, November 26, 2012

Have a mnogo dobre sedmitsa!

So I get to write again and it's only been a few days!

The baptism was actually quite exciting because there was another girl from the other branches missionaries who was also getting baptized.  We were having it in the evening so she would be able to get there in time from work but then she ended up having to stay at work a bit late so she got there way late.  The speaker basically had to stall until she could get ready but she got there in time so that's all that is really important.  When we went down to the font (Elder Babbitt and I had filled it up at lunch), it was only half full because the plug was a little loose or something so that was a bit scary and it took a few tries for both of them on the baptism because they basically had to lay them down to get them all the way under but it worked out. It definitely wasn't the smoothest baptism but it all worked out!

We had some good lessons and such too.  I found this way cool guy too.  He is pretty interested and he teaches fencing!  We also had a lesson with a couple of African guys, one of them only speaks French and the other speaks very little English.  There is a member here who speaks basically every single language fluently, so he was able to translate for us and we should be meeting with them again this week! I wish I remembered more French, I could understand a bit of the words but I can't remember any grammar at all!  Austin you are crazy learning two languages on your mission, every time I would try to think of a word in French all I would get is Bulgarian!

I did get a coat, finally!  We had tried three weeks in a row already but we never had time and it was getting pretty cold out. But it is all good! I have a coat so there is no need for dad to get one.
Have a mnogo dobre sedmitsa!

Love from,
Старейшина Максуел

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