Monday, November 5, 2012

We met with a few really awesome people!

I'm glad to hear that you all are fine, a few of my investigators were asking about my family and I would just say you were fine because you were pretty far from the coast and I'm glad that I was right!

So this week was really good, we met with a few really awesome people.  One guy that I found, turns out he has had a Book of  Mormon for a number of years and has read it a few times and so in our first lesson we committed him to baptism! It was really cool so we will have that in a few weeks and he already knows so much, it is very easy to teach him and he is very willing to do whatever he needs to to prepare for baptism!  We have a couple other younger people that are pretty interested and we will get to meet with them some more! So the work is going really well.

It was a bit colder at the beginning of this week but there are still a good number of people out. Yesterday afternoon we were contacting at НДК which is a big cultural something or other building and they had some big Red Bull biking event there where they had a course through the building (you can probably check on YouTube the next couple weeks and they will probably have it on the redbull channel there!)

We have a good number of people that we are teaching and when I contact I like to use a survey which is just five questions I can ask people and then from that go off into something else and see if there is anything they would be interested in learning about. It works really well and it is a lot easier to get them to stop and listen to us.

The Halloween party was good we had some fun games and we had a pretty good turnout mostly it was just a few members (I don't know why most didn't come), some investigators and then a few people we just had met and invited. But it was good and it all turned out well! Halloween isn't too big here mostly just younger kids know about it.
Have a great week!
Love you all
Старейшина Максуел

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