Monday, May 20, 2013

A little bit slow but we had some good lessons.

First of all say hi to everyone there in Oregon for me!  Hi to the Bennions, the Jordans and Shurts and everyone else for me!!

That is a little strange to think that it was over a year ago when I first went through the temple. I really want to go to the Portland temple sometime, I have heard it is pretty awesome and plus that's basically my hometown temple and I haven't even been there!
This week was pretty good, it was a little bit slow but we had some good lessons and we have a few investigators that are progressing really well and preparing for baptism! Cool story, last night my companion found a scorpion in our apartment. I don't know how it got in, we are up on the second floor and all but oh well. My companion killed it before I could catch it a keep it as a pet (which is probably good because we aren't supposed to have pets) but a scorpion would be pretty cool.
We had a zone meeting in Sofia this week and that was good.  It was a bit funny because my last two companions are now companions (up in Pleven), so I asked them if they ever talk about me and they said yes, there isn't a meal that they cook that my name doesn't come up at least three times! I got a pretty good laugh out of that.

It's not really humid here or super dry but it still gets a bit hot, it's nice though. And yes they are starting to have more fruit besides the apples and bananas this week we got some cherries that were pretty good and they have melon but it's still a bit expensive for that.
Most likely there is a another holiday coming up but they have so many here that I never really know. Other than that things have been going well, Elder Taylor rolled his ankle at a branch activity we had on Friday so we have been walking a little slower but he's fine.  I have my ankle brace that I'm letting him borrow and he's been doing better.

I am glad that you all get to be in Oregon and see everyone there.  I wish I could be there too but someone just couldn't wait to get married.  But it is good, I have work here to do and I understand that getting married is important ( although I still think that is pretty fast so don't expect it quite so quick from me).
I hear that you got some Panda Express, so I may be drooling a bit over here, thinking about that orange chicken.

Have a great week and eat some wedding cake for me and all that good stuff!
Love to you all!
Elder Maxwell

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