Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Week Miracle! (atleast I think so)

(We just spent 10 days in Oregon, visiting with old friends and attending the wedding of Christian's older brother.  I knew that it was a hard week for Christian, he too wanted to be there enjoying friends and joining in the festivities.  He had a great attitude and knew he was where he should be but I knew it was still pulling at his heart strings to be so far away from us.  At one point, I considered calling the mission president to let him know it might be a hard week for Christian but instead I went to the Lord and asked Him to help it be a good week for Christian. His letter this week confirms that Christian's needs were met in a wonderful way! - Katie)

From Elder Maxwell's (Christian) letter:

So the first one is off and married, now only seven more! That is cool that you got to see so many people. I sure wish I could have been there but oh well. I actually got to talk to Ammon this week, the Assistants came down for a day and Turkey calls in to them so when Ammon called in they let me talk to him.  He wishes that he could have been there too, so really it wasn't a complete party because me and Ammon weren't there! I am a bit jealous that you got to see everyone but sometime I'll get over there and say hi to them all!

From Elder Bennion's (Ammon) letter:

Those pictures are amazing!  Goodness I haven't seen the Maxwells in such a long time, but they are all growing up so much. And man those little boys are starting to look like men! That is so fun to see them! I actually just talked to Elder Maxwell a couple nights ago (privileges from being friends with the assistants). The assistants were in his area during call-ins and when I called in for the night they said "Elder Bennion, guess who is with us." Then they handed the phone to him and we talked for about 10 minutes.  It was really fun. I am still super glad that Elder Maxwell and I went out at the same time and we are close enough that we still get some communication every once in a while. And it was fantastic to see pictures of their family.

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