Monday, June 3, 2013

Keeping busy and all that good stuff!

Things are going pretty well, our investigator with a date for this Saturday disappeared so we are going to have to postpone that and try and find him somehow. It happened in Sofia this week too but he disappeared on the day of his baptism, so at least we didn't have our guy not show up to the baptism or something.

Other than that things are going really well.  We got a ton of new investigators last week, we contacted a lot of the former investigators and a few of them have some interest to meet with us some more. We also have a couple that we are teaching that are really cool and I have some high expectations for them!

We've been really busy the last week and we are trying to work with the members a lot more, having a member present at lessons and also trying to get referrals from them.  We plan on having an activity for the branch for everyone to bring their friends too so if you have any good ideas of activities or stuff we could do that would be good for people of all ages, I'm open to suggestions!

I had to teach the branch how to have branch council yesterday which was good because they are having it now, it wasn't perfect but it was a first for all of us so that is exciting! They didn't really want to go visit the less actives they had kind of lost hope in them or figure they'll come back on their own but eventually I got them to at least agree to work with one this month and get some goals set. But they are learning, it's definitely something different being in smaller newer branches, it's cool though and I definitely learn a lot! So yeah keeping busy and all that good stuff!

Have an awesome week! I love you all!!
Старейшина Максуел

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