Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things are going pretty well here and I am doing good!

I am doing really well, our training meeting was really good.  We have a couple investigators that are doing really well and a few others we are working with. Actually, this Saturday we should be having a baptism - so long as everything goes well! We had to get one of the portable fonts from Sofia yesterday and bring it back on the bus.   We have it in a few bags but they are really big and heavy so that was a project, all in our suits from the meeting and it being super hot!  Getting all of that to the bus station and to the church, I got pretty sweaty and stinky - gross!

This week we've been trying to find a bunch of the non active members from the branch list that haven't come in forever.  We went out to this one selo (village) maybe a half hour from Blagoevgrad. We had to take a bus and so we talked to the people at the station and got on the right one but instead of going to the village the bus stops at the side of the highway and the driver said that was the stop for the village so we had to walk a couple kilometers up some side road to get to the village. We were pretty excited to find this member and her son, she had even been to the temple, we get there and have her address but there are no street signs or anything and no one even knows the names of the streets there.  We  just were asking everyone if they knew her and after a bit we found out she had passed away a couple years before and her son was living in Sofia. So that was a bit of a bummer but an adventure none the less and we got to talk to some cool people out in the village. 

So yeah it is good, I do enjoy being a district leader it is pretty fun!  I got to teach our ward how to have ward council, I haven't ever been to a ward council so I had to do a little research on them and figure out what all they needed to do, it wasn't perfect but that's okay there is plenty of time for growth and improvement here. Oh and the branch presidents wife just had her baby on Friday so everyone is pretty excited about that! So yeah things are going pretty well here and I am doing good! 

I hope you have a great time in Sweden and that everyone at home will have a good time too!
Love you, 
Elder Maxwell

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