Monday, June 10, 2013

It's not really that hard to share the gospel!

This week has been good, we have a good number of investigators and they are doing well, although one of them needs to start coming to church so he can get baptized.  Recently we have been spending more time teaching than finding which really is nice, I'm not against finding but I do prefer teaching, it is pretty awesome!

A good story from this week: we have one investigator' he is pretty old and a little crazy but his son is super cool and has a lot of potential, the other day we went over for a lesson with them and usually they have some cherries or something that we have to eat while we talk, (Bulgarians are very hospitable and basically refuse to let you leave or anything till they feed you or give you a drink), but this time he had a whole meal thing set up.  It was just like cold balogne hot dog thing and some funny looking cheese and he would let us talk or anything till we had eaten it all, so that was, cool. He really likes the Book of Mormon though and is a really nice guy. One other time we were tracting and an older lady, who had met with the missionaries around 9 years ago, let us in and we shared a short message with her and then were going to leave because it was almost time to be back in our apartment for the night and she wouldn't let us leave till she made us hot chocolate.  So she goes and gets the milk heating up and gets out her china and all. (And we really had to leave!) she brings it out and we have to quick down this burning hot coco and get out of there, she was really nice we just didn't have much time.

We have an investigator, he likes the discotekas and smoking and all and he would tell us about it.  When we told him we dont drink or smoke and taught him about the Word of Wisdom, we didn't even have to commit him to live by it, he decided, on his own, that was something he wanted to do! Our example can have a big influence on those around us, as they get to know us and what we believe, they very possibly will want to be like us! This week I actually was thinking about the time a friend came over to our house so I could help him with some homework and I remeber all the little siblings were there and you had just baked a desert or something and it didn't seem weird or anything at the time but I wonder what kind of an impression that made on him. I can't remeber what he said specifically after but I think he enjoyed being there and it did have a positive influence on him, even though he was only there for twenty or so minutes for some help with homework. 
One thing I've noticed on my mission is that it's not really that hard to share the gospel with people when we are good examples for them it leads them to ask questions and then really all you need is a little practice and the determination/ desire to share and the rest just kind of comes. So yeah that is super cool that you are putting yourself out there and being the great example that you are!!

Have an awesome week, I love you all!
Elder Maxwell

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