Monday, August 26, 2013

I am very happy with the work and feel very blessed.

Elder Measom is very cool (I spelled it wrong last week), he is from the group that came out just before me and he plays football ( American) and is very good at it.  It is nice being with athletic companions. He has a couple brothers and a sister and is in the middle. He likes to golf, and to eat and cook, and he's lived in a few places Wyoming, Colorado, and maybe somewhere else but now his family is in Utah. 
This week was nice, besides the transfer day, we were in Varna all week.  We got basically a full week in our own area, which was very nice. Although, we will have to start going on exchanges again this week to make sure we get to everyone this transfer. We found some really cool people and things are going pretty well with them.
We had a very diverse cultural week to say, we found one guy from America (San Diego) and he's lived all over the place and worked as an electrician on a bunch of embassies. He is married here now with a son and when we met with him, it turns out he actually is a member! He wants us to teach his son and wife but the wife has heard some rumors, that are pretty common here, and at the moment she is against that.  So, we can only meet with our American friend. But it is okay and he is really nice and I hope that we will at some point be able to work with his whole family! We also had a lesson in Russian with a member translating for us, that was neat I could understand a lot of what they said but they don't understand Bulgarian very well. We met one younger guy from Bulgaria but has lived in Turkey and we were able to get him a Turkish book of Mormon and help him figure out how to get in contact with the missionaries in Turkey when he gets back.  Then we also found a guy last night from China who has been living here for fifteen or so years and his Bulgarian wasn't super good but he was interested and said we could share our message with his family! And to top it all off we had the Baptism of our investigator from Iran on Saturday and that was good. Of course we are working with a number of Bulgarians too and things are going well I am very happy with the work and feel very blessed and am very grateful for the success we are having! 
Being here at the Black Sea, there are quite a few tourists, so it will calm down a bit as the summer ends but there will still be people here and it will be fine. 
My short sleeve shirts are pretty baggy but I actually took a couple in this morning to a seamstress to get them taken in a bit and it's really cheap here it's probably only be like 8 lev for the two of them which is probably a bit more than five bucks. My shoes are doing fine I just need to replace the laces they are starting to fall to bits. 
Have a super awesome week and keep being awesome! I love you! 

Elder Maxwell

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