Monday, August 19, 2013

It's all good!

This week was good we had our training meeting that Elder Hoy and I presented and I think it went pretty well, it was kind of like a district meeting just with a lot more people so it's not like it was anything to new. I do enjoy teaching so it was fun to do a little bit in English and about missionary work, which I also very much enjoy, so it's all good!
This week we had some exchanges in Shumen I really like that city it has very nice people and I got to work with an Elder from my MTC group so it was fun working with him and we had a lot of success and met a lot of really cool people! Although, crazy story, while we were there the other Elder that Elder Hoy was working with woke up and passed some kidney stones so he kind of was in pain a bit and they had to take it a bit easy that day. I sure hope that I never get kidney stones, it would not be fun. 
We had a lot of kind of weird lessons this week with a lot of new people, so it made for an interesting week, our investigators are progressing pretty well. One of them had a really rough beginning to the week (his wife had passed away a long time ago from cancer leaving him with his young daughter) and his daughter had a spot on her leg the doctors thought might have been cancer but they had to run a test to see so for a couple days our investigator was really worried and he told us that he took his book of Mormon with him everywhere and even kept it next to him while he slept. And he had been having a hard time with prayer but he said he prayed so much, and in the end it turns out it was just a spot so everything was good but I think it was a really good experience/ learning moment for our investigator. 
So, I am staying here in Varna!  My new companion will be Elder Measum, he is from Utah so he will be my first Utah companion! He is cool I know him from when I was in Sofia so I am excited to work with him! My elbow is fine, I think I just bumped it hard or something.  
Have an awesome week, share something about the church with someone and have some fun!!
Love you! 

Elder Maxwell

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