Monday, August 5, 2013

We just worked and worked.

Things are going well here.  We didn't have a ton of time in our own area this week, but we were still able to have a really good week, which is nice.  It is hard to be an example when we don't have a ton of time in our own area but the Lord makes up for the time we spend in other areas. We had a couple days just packed full of lessons and we had a lot of success contacting so I am very glad. I was a little worried at the beginning of the week that we wouldn't be able to get much going but I guess I just got to trust a little bit more.
So this week on Monday, we had to travel in to Sofia for council meeting.  Tuesday, after that, we went out to Burgas to work with the Elders there and we were with them all of Wed.  I was hoping I'd get to see some of the members but we never ran into any of them.  It was good to be in the city again! It is really cool going on exchanges, I don't know what it is but we always seem to have a lot of success with them wherever we go.  I guess that is just another blessing to help uplift and encourage the Elders!
We finally got back to Varna Thursday morning and we just worked and worked to make up for all the time we missed and it turned out really well! Plus we have some really great missionaries here in Bulgaria and I am glad that I get to work with them and learn from them.  Overall, things are going really well, it's hot but not too hot, we have people to teach, we are finding more people out on the streets and we have a lot of members who are very willing to help us teach! 
Teaching is going well, we have a couple investigators with dates in Aug. one for the 17th and another for the 24th so hopefully we'll get a couple baptism weeks in a row. And actually this week, there will be a baptism from the Elders here and also from the Elders in Shumen ( a smaller city that comes into Varna for baptisms) so that will be good!!
Messenger bags aren't too bad mine is pretty small but it is good for my wallet and camera and planner, I got it for free from my trainer when he left so I can't complain! 

I hope you all have a great week! 
Love to you all! 

Elder Maxwell

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