Monday, December 23, 2013

The only bad part about moving to new apartments is...

So it is good to be back in Sofia, the branch here is amazing and I love the city!! I'm not in the same apartment that I was in last time, sadly ( it was a nice apartment), but we still have a nice apartment.  It's just kind of far out from the church and it makes it difficult if we want to do meals at home because it requires a lot of travel.  We do fine and it is going well, it has been good seeing all the members I knew and meeting the others that I didn't or who are new. The only bad part about moving to new apartments is that I usually have to bring it up to Christian Maxwell cleanness standards, ours wasn't too bad but there were a few things that needed a good scrubbing. 

My new companion is Elder Harkness, he is from Highland, Utah.  He is the middle child of 5 kids and he is pretty funny. He plays tennis and likes to shoot bubbles at me while I call people in the mornings and at night, he's been out for 12 weeks now and he is a good missionary. Although, there is  a bit of adjusting from working with fluent missionaries and with those who are still learning the language but he does well!

The week was a bit rough at first, we don't have any investigators at the moment (they baptized them all right before I got here).  We are on the search now with contacting, less actives and part member families.  It was especially crazy this week because there are Ukrainian elders that come in for passport work and all from time to time so my first day: I still don't know my new area, we don't have any investigators, I don't know the members in my area or any less actives and I've got to take one of the Ukrainian elders to work with me while they are here.  That was exciting!  The zone leaders worked with them most the week but it was fun working with them a little and trying to figure out what I was doing. Overall it was a little stressful but a pretty good week!
Well, I will see you all on Wed! Don't forget to learn something in Bulgarian! I love you all!
Elder Maxwell

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