Monday, December 30, 2013

One of my goals for the year is ...

Surprise!! So I thought we would be writing on wed because that is our P-day this week but they needed the numbers to get entered for the last week of the year so they are having us write this morning!! 

It was very good to see all of you and I am amazed at how much all the little kids have grown up I can hardly recognize them! 

My new companion is Elder Parkinson he is from Utah (the area up close to Idaho I can't remember exactly where) He is one of five boys and the second oldest. He plays water polo and has very hairy arms. He is a great missionary and I am glad to be able to work with him, this last week I didn't have much of a chance because I was working with one of the Ukrainian Elders but they got all their work done and left Saturday night. So basically in three weeks I will have had three companions! It was fun working with Elder Page (from Arizona went to BYU same time as me, serving in Ukraine Russian speaking) he couldn't do a ton of missionary work seeing as he didn't know the language and he doesn't have a visa or anything for that here but it was good and an interesting and fun experience! 

This week was pretty good we had two baptisms on Saturday ( a couple that had been meeting with the missionaries for a while) and church was good the missionaries taught the third hour combined and it went pretty well. It has been pretty rough finding new people and even harder meeting with them (we are anticipating a lot of meetings after the new year) but we had some good success and Elder Page and I even found an American couple while we were tracting who are here translating the bible into Roma (gypsy) so we are meeting with them next week as they will be out of town this week, so that was pretty incredible! 

One of my goals for the year is to grow a moustache and to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with so much cheese that I get cheese in my moustache, I probably won't be able to do that any time soon so we will see if I ever get around to that. You could say that is my physical goal, social maybe to pick up a little Turkish, spiritual to be a better missionary here and when I get home, educational room with Elder Bennion at BYU and eat Austin and Emma's food! (And get A's in my classes at BYU)
I love you and it was good to see you all have a great week!!

Love Elder Maxwell

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