Monday, January 6, 2014

6 dinner appointments!

This week was good, we had 6 dinner appointments, only one day we didn't have one and that was because we had to come in early on New Year's Eve because it can get a little dangerous with the fireworks and drinking people. So that was very good and tasty!

Oh and we had one interesting dish last week from some of our investigators they called it salina it was raw pork skin with all the fat on it that they layer in a barrel with a bunch of salt and let sit for a month or more, it wasn't super bad but cold salty fat isn't my favorite!

We also had a lot of sermichki this week whick is either the pickled cabbage or grape leaves that you fill with rice meat and veggis and boil, they are pretty good.

We also had some moussaka this week from a member which is one of my favorite bulgarian dishes, so that was real good!

The american family had all the missionaries over for new years day and we had a giant ham which I haven't had in such a long time, so overall we were very blessed foodwise this week and we saved a ton on groceries!

This week we did a lot of less active work because many of our investigators and contact were too busy to meet and sadly we also had a lot of appointments not show but that is part of missionary work and that is why we make back up plans! I think this week will be better now that all of the hoidays are over but we will see. We've got mission council tomorrow and we have exchanges in Pleven this week so I get to do a little bit more traveling but luckily all the cities in the zone are within a couple hours. For zone conferences they always come into sofia we've got a big building we can do it in here and it is the most convenient.

We also had a thing that they do the first sat of the month where the members come and split off with all the missionaries and we go look for or visit less active members/ investigators. It is way awesome working with the members like that, you should see if you can do something like that with the missionaries there, maybe I will organize something when I get back!

 Everyone be good and eat lots of peanut butter ( I gave on of my things of peanut butter to this recent convert family and they loved it, at least the older ones the younger ones said it tasted like flour and oil or something like that. But the dad wanted to try making his own!)

Love you!!
Elder Maxwell

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