Monday, January 20, 2014

When Ian asks a question...!

I asked Ian if he had any questions he wanted me to ask Christian and he said to ask him if he had any peanuts for food.  Okay... kind of a strange question but I asked Christian and here is his response to Ian:

Ian I tried eating some peanuts for food once but they started to grow inside of my belly so I let them grow tall enough to be able to grab the top of the plant and pull it up out of my throat and then I planted them in a pot on our balcony and they grew really big and turned into a jungle and then President came over and saw the jungle and the monkeys and all the animals that came to live in the jungle and told us that we aren't allowed to have pets so I had to buy a machete and cut down the jungle and fight the monkeys so I could get my bananas back. Since then I haven't had any peanuts for food.

Yep, Christian's sense of humor is still with him!  Oh, how I love that boy!

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