Monday, January 27, 2014

Whew! It's been quite the week!

This week was really good as we had a lot of meetings with members and those all went really well and we have been very blessed! There was one less active guy who came to church (hadn't been in over 10 years) and we set up a meeting with him and his family and they fed us dinner (catfish shish-kebabs and octopus/shrimp/shellfish rice dish, and a couple other normal salads) I sat down and saw the food and just thought, "oh no, that's a lot of fish/seafood", but sometimes you just have to forget that you have taste buds and eat what is in front of you!  The food wasn't bad, besides the fact that it was from the ocean. (He manages a seafood restaurant) But the night went really well he has two sons, deacon and teacher age, and a very nice wife (all non-members) and we shared a message with them and they want to meet again. The father actually drove us back into center and while we were driving he told us he feels responsible to teach his family about the gospel especially his children!! So that was an incredible miracle that he just came back to church out of the blue, although sadly they live in the other Elders area so we will have to transfer the family to them to be taught. But the important thing is that they get the gospel and that it blesses their lives!!

We also have a couple new African investigators one that we found tracting and another from one of the members who has been helping us out a lot in our lessons and introducing us to his friends! And things are going well with them we have our lessons in English and it is a bit weird teaching in English but also very fun. I also have learned a little bit of African English "Ow you de? -> I de fine = how are you -> I am good " !!

Other news from this week we have snow now, finally so we'll see how long that lasts.

Oh, another cool story from this week, we had a former investigator from a year ago call us up to meet because he had some interesting experiences and he wants to continue to meet and learn more and prepare for baptism and he brought a friend who also wants to learn more and they are both young guys in their 20's!! It is incredible how the Lord prepares people to receive His message and truly no effort is wasted in preparing our friends to receive the gospel and there are thousands of people out there who are ready and prepared by the Lord to receive the message. So keep up the great work in sharing the gospel and praying for these opportunities and the Lord will place those who are ready in your path!

Whew! It's been quite the week, lots of meetings to and fro and lots of blessings!! This next week we probably will be down in Blagoevegrad for a day! Other than that, not too much new!
Love you all have a great week!!
Elder Maxwell

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