Monday, February 3, 2014

The mission is just full of ups and downs

This week was good.  We had a bunch of lessons fall through, kind of frustrating, but I figure that the mission is just full of ups and downs so this next week is going to be great and we will have tons of lessons!

We have some investigators that are progressing well and a few others that were just out of town this week. We are still working with the members a lot this week and we are trying really hard to get them to invite their friends to meet with us. It is so much more effective than contacting on the street. We have a lot of success talking to people on the street but it is even better when the investigators come from the members because then they have a friend in the church and there are so many more blessings that come from it too. We have the one African member who introduced us to his friend and we are teaching him and it is so good because he always makes sure that his friend comes to church and is reading and praying and he is always there for our lessons!

There is a recent convert family here that we meet with every now and then, they have a ten year old son and he is literally an exact copy of Jonathan just Bulgarian. He is a big goofball but also very solid and he understands well.  He loves flipping his eye lids upside down and making faces till his parents get upset.

Ian, yes the watermelon here is very tasty. In Bulgarian it is called Диня (dee-nya)  They also love eating watermelon with sirene (their white Cheese) it is pretty good, kind of a salty sweet snack.

We had transfer calls and I am staying here with Elder Parkinson!

So that's basically the week. Have a great week!!Love you!
Elder Maxwell

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