Monday, February 24, 2014

Yup, that's all I've got for today

So our training meeting went really well and the week was a pretty average week for us, lesson and finding wise.  It wasn't a bad/difficult week, but it wasn't an incredibly amazing week either. We did have a lot of help from the branch president this week, he helped us out in a couple lessons and with some less actives.  He is a really good branch president and since he didn't have work this week he helped the missionaries a lot!

We tried doing more member work and re-activation work this week and it has been going pretty well.  We found a couple less active families that would like to meet and we have members that we are helping to work with their friends so hopefully we will get some new investigators soon out of that.

Church was really good for us yesterday, we had a good number of investigators come and one investigator stayed for all three hours and it was his first time! So that was good, it is usually pretty difficult to get them to stay for all of church I think it helped that we had our member fellowshiper, who helps us in lessons, with him the whole time. It is going well with him, he has a great desire to know the truth.  But, he sure does love his beer so we are making sure that he has a good solid testimony and understanding of Joseph smith and the restoration. We are trying to meet with his whole family but for now he keeps saying no, ( his wife is a little skeptical), but we will keep trying because I Love teaching families, plus that is how the church will really grow.

It wasn't just good that he came to church, it was like every single lesson and talk were meant for him and the questions he has.  I kept thinking, "Man, I sure hope he is paying good attention because this is perfect for him!!" So, we were blessed to have inspired talks and lessons for our investigator!

A couple of our investigators are out of town which is difficult.  Not being able to meet with them, we try to keep in contact with the phone but personal visits and lessons are just so much better!
Yup, that's all I've got for today I love you have a great week!

Elder Maxwell

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  1. It is amazing what inspiration can do. I felt like the lessons were very inspired this week in our ward.
    What an amazing bishop not working for the week and chooses to share the gospel with others, brings tears to my eyes!