Monday, February 10, 2014

The Lord has already blessed us ...

This week was pretty good, we had to put some of our investigators into the "formers" as they haven't been keeping their commitments and are not meeting with us. But the Lord has already blessed us with some great new investigators this week who have been incredibly prepared. We found one lady who lives with her brother, when we were tracting after looking for some less actives, and she (in the last 2 months) has tried finding out for herself whether God exists and has done so through prayer.  She has noticed how that has changed her life and her attitude.  She also has a 11 year old son who stayed and listened and participated the whole lesson, sadly her brother is not interested but she wants to learn more and we have a meeting with her on Wed.! We also have a great new investigator who commited to get baptized, when he knows the message is true, he hasn't accepted a date yet but is loving the Book of Mormon and even came to church and really enjoyed it! Our other investigators are doing well and are progressing so that has been good!

Other than that things are going well, the weather is getting really nice.  We played a little basketball today and it was wonderful weather, me and my companion are doing well and always working to be better so that is good!

OH! I almost forgot, I went to Blagoevgrad on exchanges this last week I got to see the one family that we found and taught but that didn't get baptized till later it was so good to see them and to spend a little time talking with them! The grandmother especially looked great she was still smoking when I left but of course has stoped now and is the primary teacher.  She is sncredible and just looks so much happier and healthier!! And the son is going to be a priest soon he is doing really well!!

Love you!! Have a great week!!
Elder Maxwell

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