Monday, September 10, 2012

That's basically this week.

Ian (age 6)  gave wise advice to his missionary brothers this week, "I want to say one thing: Both of you - I hope you are having a good time and doing the things you are supposed to do. Austin - I hope you have a good time coming back and Christian - I hope you have a good time in Bulgaria and send us lots of good messages about what you are doing there."

Christian's response:

Okay Ian, here is a message about what I did this week in Bulgaria!

So it was a good week, we had a lot of contacting but it was a hard week in getting people's numbers and finding those who are interested. But I had a lot of really good conversations and it was good in helping my Bulgarian improve as well as helping me be better at answering hard questions I had a lot of those this week for some reason. But cool experience with that though, so one day after a long day of tons of contacting with no success and feeling like maybe I could have had a bit more success if I was better at answering questions, I was going to read some in the BoM and so I said a quick prayer to be able to find better answers to questions and just be a better missionary.  As I just started reading, I was able to find all the answers that I needed and that were giving me the hardest time! The scriptures are amazing and they can answer our questions and bring us comfort, whether we are missionaries or not. So yeah, that was cool.

We were going to go to the game on Friday with Sophi but the friend with the tickets ended up going to Greece because they had a long weekend for some holiday so we didn't get to go.  That was a bummer, especially since that night during language study I could hear the cheering from the stadium across the street. Oh well, maybe some other time.

So yeah, that's basically this week.  We had some good lessons although there was one afternoon my companion was sick so I just cleaned the apartment for a bit. It's strange how I feel like sometimes I just want to take a break or something but then when I can't do any work - all I want to do is work!  Two years is not that long, I plan on getting as much work done as I can!

Love you all, have an awesome week!
Стьрейшина Максуел

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