Monday, September 24, 2012

I think my brain just gets tired!

So I've been in Bulgaria for over a month now!

The language is coming along pretty well I can understand most of what people say but speaking is still a bit tough. I am pretty used to the schedule 6:30 comes way to early every morning but once I'm up its not too bad. The food is really good, we don't eat at members really ever.  I have once and that was with the elders from the other district when my comp was on splits or something.  It was good but they don't have a ton here and people just don't really invite people to their homes. The bread isn't really that special it's okay if you get it fresh from a bakers or something but otherwise its just bread. Doners are really good though, I haven't got time to describe them today but remind me next week!

I'm not positive, but I think this is a Doner.  It is a fast food in Bulgaria and it looks like something he would love.

This week was good Gardner was off to Blagovgrad for splits on Wednesday but otherwise it was pretty normal. We only street contact now, door knocking isn't super successful so we only do it when it's too cold for people to be out on the streets.  I found a few cool people this week and we got to meet with one and give him a Book of Mormon already so that was cool.  We should get to meet with some others and probably him again this week. We have a lot of investigators right now so we've got a lot of people to meet with which is nice.  It is nice not having to spend super long periods of time contacting because after a couple hours my Bulgarian seems to get worse I think my brain just gets tired!

But yeah that's about all for this week, Have an awesome week!

Love you all,
Старейшина Максуел

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