Monday, September 17, 2012

That will come, I am sure of it!

This week nothing too exciting went on.  My companion, being a zone leader had to go to Pleven for splits, so I was with a different Elder here and that went well. This week he will probably be going to Blagovgrad too so I will probably get to serve with lots of different Elders while I am here but that is okay it is cool seeing how different people work and learn different things from different Elders!

I had a lot of time contacting this week although not a ton of success in finding new people, that is always tough but it is always the best finding someone who is interested and then being able to talk and discuss with them.  I have yet to have a second meeting show up but that will come, I am sure of it!

It has really started to cool off here, which is nice, and the last couple of days we have gotten a lot of rain! But yeah nothing too new or super special this week, the work is going well!

Lets see... for a little spiritual thought from my readings in Alma this week, especially the war chapters, I really liked how Moroni first prepared the people spiritually then he had them build the fortifications and I think that is especially relevant in our lives as we spiritually prepare ourselves we will be able to withstand and make it through spiritual trials but we will also be able to make it through physical trials because as we have faith in the Lord and are fixed in our minds to do what is right we will receive strength from the Lord to help us though the hard times. I have seen the Lords help in my life as I have had challenges - with no one listening or other people who just want to argue or mock us and I know that that help is there for everyone!

So yeah, have a super awesome week and remember to read the scriptures every day!!

Love you all,
Старейшина Максуел

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