Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Conference was amazing!

Conference was amazing - at least the Saturday sessions, because that is all I have seen so far but next Sunday we will finish!

That is way exciting too for the mission age and I am way excited for Emma and Allegra to be able to have that opportunity. But a mission is a lot of work and now more than ever we need good obedient strong missionaries! I cant remember if it was from general conference or from zone conference but it was said the time for casual missionary work is over and that is so true.

Oh and sorry I am writing a day later this week but we had zone conference yesterday so today is our P day.  Funny story from zone conference, my companion, this was his last zone conf. so he got to bear his testimony at the end and when he first got up there he said "don't expect me to cry because I can't, I was born without tear ducts" then as he was talking he started getting a little teary and then he was all "it's not possible!" it was pretty funny but he is super great. I am glad I have been able to have him as my companion!

I agree though about how the world is becoming a tougher place to live in.  That is why they talked so much about the family I think, the family is so important in teaching and developing good values and principles. Especially now that the mission age is so young, I think it is important to be ready for a mission so much earlier and to develop personal testimonies earlier in life than ever before. There is such a high standard for us to live now and we cannot come down even a little bit or like Lahonti in Alma when we come down even a little bit Satan will trick us and poison us by degrees bringing us to a spiritual death without even fully realizing what is happening.

Whew!  It was a pretty crazy week for me I actually didn't even get to sleep in my own bed from Monday to Thursday! My companion had a lot of zone leader work this last week with splits and zone leader council and such so I got to serve with a lot of different elders this week! At the beginning of the week we had everyone from my MTC group come in to Sofia for passport work and we had an awesome soccer game on P-day with a bunch of them that were in! Then I was all over Sofia serving with a couple of my fellow first transfer elders and I had a day with one of the assistants and that was lots of fun getting to try different styles of work and approaches with them and to find new good ways for me to be a better missionary! Me and my companion also got to have dinner with president and his wife one night and that was cool. President is solid and a fun guy to be around, I am glad I will be able to work with him for the next two years!

So we also had conference on Sunday we just watched at the church they had it in both English and Bulgarian so that was nice and we got to see the Saturday sessions and we will watch the Sunday sessions this next Sunday!

Also, pretty cool thing from Sunday that I never really expected to happen was that afternoon when we were doing some contacting I stopped one boy and as I was talking with him he asked what church I was from so I told him I was LDS or Mormon and then he got crazy excited and was telling me he really wanted to join our church and he wanted to know how he could join and I was absolutely stunned I didn't know what to say, I was so surprised, but then I told him he would have to be baptized and take some lessons from us, he was so excited he didn't know that the church was there in Bulgaria so that was way cool! I got all his info so we will meet with him this week. He told me that he had found our church online and had talked with some of the missionaries online so that there is proof that technology really can be a great blessing in moving the work forward but there are also many great dangers with technology if we do not use it correctly so to all my little siblings be wise with your use of the computer and phones they are a great blessing!

We also had zone conference yesterday which was super good and I think this mission has a lot of good things coming and will really be doing well as we follow the direction of our president and obey the guidelines set forth by the prophets and apostles! So I am very excited to be here now and to be a part of this great work!

Have a super week everyone I love you all!
Старейшина Максуел

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