Monday, October 22, 2012

We will be pretty busy these next two weeks!

Sounds like a pretty awesome week for all of you and there's no better house than a full house! It's not too bad being with a companion all the time it is pretty cool being with elder Gardner but he leaves tomorrow! It is going to be weird not seeing him for two years or more.
I am going to be staying here in Sofia and I will be with Elder Babit, I'm not really sure how it's spelled but he sounds like he is pretty cool and Gardner says that he is very organized and loves planning which is a bit of an opposite from Elder Gardner, he prefers to just plan a bit last minute and he isn't super organized so it will be good to be with Babit especially since as of yesterday I am in charge of getting everything ready for the baptism on Saturday ( We have 2 people getting baptized!) and also next Saturday we will have a Halloween party that we have to plan and get everything set up for so we will be pretty busy, for sure, these next two weeks! Which is good because this last week was a bit tough at the beginning because Elder Gardner was sick for like three days in a row so that was hard not being able to go out and trying to find stuff to study and clean all day. But for him it was hard too being his last week.
We had a great ending to the week we had some solid lessons and also yesterday the Schultz's invited us over for dinner, they are a couple working at the embassy and they are in the other branch.  They have a huge sweet house on the edge of Sofia and they had some really good food too!
Oh so another funny thing this week, there was a Levski and Sesika game which are the two big rival teams here in Sofia so there were cops all over, all day because a lot of people get really drunk and are very violent about their team plus when they get in the large groups the smart factor really goes down. So, going to our apartment we would take all the back roads and such to avoid the worst of the people but we were heading to a lesson at the church and one guy we passed was calling us some rude stuff so we stopped and were going to try and reason a bit with him but then a couple girls came by and started yelling some stuff. Then everyone at the cafe across the street started yelling and stuff so we basically ended up with the whole street yelling at us it was like a domino effect so we just had to walk off. 

So that's a pretty quick summary of my week!

Love to you all!

Старейшина Максуел

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