Monday, October 15, 2012

This is my last week of my first transfer!

We didn't get to talk to the boy, we had a lesson set up but he wasn't able to come because he told his parents and they went all crazy and said that we were all evil and he wasn't allowed to talk to us which is tough. That is probably the biggest problem here we have so many younger people who are interested and willing to learn but so much of the older generation is just so blah about us and it makes it really hard to work with young people in a lot of cases.  But there isn't to much that I can do about that just keep being patient with the work and try to resolve as many misconceptions as we can for the anti's. There isn't much I can say to change how they feel about us but the spirit and testimony can change a lot of bad feelings.

We had a okay week here my companion was sick for a couple days again but we were able to get some good work in too. We got to meet with this one guy he is really cool I found him around the end of Sep. and we finally met with him and he brought his friend too that was with him when I first got his number and they both are pretty interested and we should be meeting with them again this week!!


We also had a branch excursion thing on Saturday and we had some investigators and members that were able to go and we hiked up Vitosha the big mountain here next to Sofia and it was super pretty with the leaves all changing color and all it reminded me a lot of the woods in NY kind of mixed with a little bit of OR it was so nice to be in the outdoors after being in the MTC and in the city for so long!

Funny story from the hike though at the end of the trail there was this waterfall and cliff area where you could see out over all of Sofia and there was this kind of pool at the top of the falls and so Elder Ferwerda was taking a picture of Gardner next to the stream that came down into the pool and he went to give the camera back and he slipped and fell and the camera went straight into the stream and into the pool so he quick gets up and is trying to find it and he slips again and slides down this rock into the pool so since he was already in up to his waist he found the camera and got out. It was pretty funny and the camera sort of still works and he still has all of his pictures too so that's all good he wasn't upset since he's leaving next week anyways.

So this is my last week of my first transfer! I should find out who my new companion is and all on Friday, so on Monday I might write at a different time because of the transfers but I will still write! I can't really think of anything else, I really liked the second half of conference and Elder Holland went at it again, I like his talks! So that's all I've got for this week, have a super week!!!

Старейшина Максуел

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