Monday, January 14, 2013

Most people are nice enough...

This week was really good.  We had more lessons than we have had the rest of the transfer, so I am glad that those are picking up and we have some pretty cool investigators! It is hard contacting all day, all week and having no one to teach but it has picked up with lots of people being back from the holidays and having time to meet! We're doing a lot more tracting because the leaders are really emphasizing trying to meet with the families when they are all home. It is not to often though that we get to teach or even come back but most people are nice enough and just say they aren't interested.
Me and my companion get along well.  He is fun to work with and a good elder. He has some real "Idaho pride" so me and Elder Von like to tease about that a little bit and make some jokes about Idaho because he gets pretty defensive, all within reason of course, because contention is bad.

Love you all!!
Старейшина Максуел

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