Monday, January 28, 2013

Eat something smothered in BBQ sauce!

It's been a good week, I spent most of it in other places with zone conference up in Varna and a couple exchanges this week. I only got to sleep in my own bed a couple times!
I got to serve one day with Elder Vonn, my MTC companion, it was cool to be able to teach lessons for real with him and to be "real missionaries" together after the two months we had in the MTC. He is a way fun guy and I also got to serve with Elder Parkinson one day (from our district) it is a bit like my first couple transfers again when I was with a zone leader always working and staying in other places.
Funny story when we went up to Varna for Zone conference they had to put all the elders from all the cities in the zone into the two Elder apartments they have there so we were all really crowded.  We had four of us on this one couch that folded down into a bed (sort of) but we were on the short way so we would all fit so we had to pull up the table chairs for our feet to go on. It wasn't the most comfortable or best nights sleep but it was pretty funny!
Zone conference was incredible and Elder Malm was really cool and it was very spiritual and uplifting having him teach and train us. It is always humbling at zone conference when I think I am doing alright but there is always so much more that I can improve on. Like Elder Malm said to us the mission is like a university where for two years we have a time out from everything to be taught by the Lord. I am glad to be here and loving it even though my brother is getting hitched without me!!
I love you all, Have an awesome week and eat something smothered in BBQ sauce for me - preferably with some bacon!

Lots of love!
Elder Maxwell

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