Monday, January 7, 2013

I am excited to continue...

This week has been really good, with the holidays finishing up, we were able to meet with a lot of new people who didn't have time before.  We have found several really great and interested people so I am excited to continue meeting with them and teaching them more!
Our investigator had his kids this week ( he is separated and only gets them occasionally) and we went and visited them and it was fun to be able to be around little kids again. It was kind of like home the one little boy really likes Spider Man so he would climb up everything then tell me to watch when he would jump off and he was always wanting to fake fight me and all, it was pretty cool kind of like the little guys only in Bulgarian!
This week is a pretty lazy week for Bulgarians they have a lot of holidays here but New Years is probably one of the biggest, there were probably more shops open on Christmas than on New Years!
Our branch had a baptism on Saturday for a younger girl, one of the daughters of the members.  It is nice having some really solid younger members in this branch to help with the teaching so it was really neat seeing her get baptized! We had to use the portable font though and the burzo bars that they use for heating it up overnight weren't with the font because some other elders from a different city had borrowed them so it was quite cold but she still went through with it!
Thanks for everything!!

Love to you all!!
Старейшина Максуел

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