Monday, February 18, 2013

I hope I get to stay here in Burgas a bit longer!

Winter break! I forgot that there is the second break they have in NY but that is pretty cool and factories are pretty neat places so I bet you'll have fun!! And the pools at the hotels are always fun too! (Note of explanation from mom: Between January and mid March, our mission will be getting 52 new missionaries and only 7 will be returning home!) That is a lot of missionaries! That's almost as many as our whole mission! It is exciting that Victor is getting their own though, I hope they are able to have some good success!

So for your question - I do "fold" my clothes and put them away mostly because there isn't enough room on the rack for both of our laundries so I've got to get them down before he needs to put his up. And yes I do have to iron my shirts every time, it's not too bad though. But I will be glad to have a dryer again when I get back!
My week was pretty good, Thursday we had the Valentine's branch activity and it was super fun.  We had a pretty good investigator turn out between all the missionaries!  I made some Mississippi mud cake and all the Bulgarians were loving it and basically everyone wants the recipe!  And I actually made another one today (for one of the members birthdays) for at FHE because they liked it so much! For the Valentine's activity, Elder Vonn wrote a skit for him, me and Elder Bryce (and we had a member help us too).  It was pretty funny and they really liked it too!
Other than that, the week was decent, most of our investigators were pretty busy so we didn't get to meet with them very much so we had a lot of contacting out on the streets and knocking doors but we found a couple pretty cool new people and next week we should have lots of lessons! Oh and this week the branch got some new furniture so now we have a new podium and a little stand thing for up front and we got some new chairs and shelves for the building!
This week we are going up to Varna, on Friday, for our zone leader training meeting and on Saturday we get our transfer calls! This transfer has gone by so fast, I hope I get to stay here in Burgas a bit longer, it is pretty awesome!

I love you all! Have an awesome week!

Старейшина Максуел

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