Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I will go to Blagoevgrad

This week was pretty good.  We had a lot of lessons with members so that was really good, lessons are always better with a member, they are pretty helpful! We also had the zone leader training up in Varna and that was really good, there is so much I can still learn on how I can be a better missionary!
So from this week... our best appointment from this week is probably with an investigator, he is a newer guy we found.  He is from Ukraine and we taught him about the plan of salvation and it was pretty good.  He is kind of quiet but he asks really good questions and is a very nice guy! The best thing I ate, probably the biscuits and gravy that we had last night or I had this pretty good kind of cinnamon roll thing except it has nuts in it instead of cinnamon and it had strawberry jam on the top and they have it sitting in this syrup stuff so the roll is kind of syrupy and very sweet, I don't really know how else to describe it but it was really good! And it was from this one Turkish bakery that we go to because we are friends with the lady that owns it, she calls us her American boys and is super nice! I would say a moment I could really tell the Lord was leading me was in a lesson with one of our investigators and we were teaching him about the restoration.  He is already pretty religious and I felt like that lesson went really well and we were guided in teaching it to him specifically according to what he needed to hear.  The lesson before he wouldn't take a Book of Mormon and this time he took one and committed to start reading it!
Oh and we got our transfer calls and I am already leaving Burgas and I will go to Blagoevgrad and I will serve with Elder Breeze, he is two groups after me.  I will be the district leader for us and the sisters who are there. So that is going to be a big step and change but it will be good and I look forward to seeing what else I can learn! I am sad to be leaving Burgas, I got to know the members a lot better here than I did in Sofia and I hope that I will be able to come back sometime to see them! Burgas is a very special place and the members here are so awesome and close, they are like a family I had a very good time serving here with them! So tomorrow I will travel back over to Blagoevgrad, I love long bus rides! ( not really)
Oh and as far as I know I haven't lost any weight overall on my mission so you don't have to worry,  I get plenty to eat and we eat pretty healthy, I do try my best!

Lots of love!
Elder Maxwell

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