Monday, February 11, 2013

Nothing too special...

We haven't had snow or very cold weather here for a while, or at least since the beginning of a couple weeks ago. Being next to the sea definitely keeps us a lot warmer than the rest of Bulgaria. It isn't anywhere as cold as it is back home and I am grateful for that and I hope you all are able to stay warm!

Mom, I would for sure give myself a dryer hug but sadly there basically is no such thing as dryers in Bulgaria, at least not in any missionary apartments.  We just have drying racks that we dry everything on.

This week was good we found a lot of cool new people that we have started meeting with, which is good because a lot of our older investigators have stopped meeting with us for whatever reason.
We've only got a couple more weeks left in the transfer, it has gone by pretty fast. Nothing too special from this week mostly just the usual contacting and teaching. This week though for Valentine's the branch is having a talent show and the member in charge of it is making all the missionaries do something... so, I think me and a couple others might just do a skit or something we will see.

Have a great week and keep being great examples to everyone around you!!
Старейшина Максуел

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