Monday, March 4, 2013

I really love it here so far!

Time on the mission goes by incredibly fast, at least when you look back at it, a day can seem to take forever though but it is still good!

The new area is very cool, it is a smaller city and it basically is made up of two universities ( one of them is american!) so there are lots of young people which is very cool! We're up in the mountains and it is very pretty and it is starting to warm up so the weather has been very nice, we're not up quite high enough in the mountains for there to be snow.

The branch is really cool from what I have seen so far, it's a pretty small branch but there are some great members! We have a few really cool, young investigators, one of them is a boxer and he lived in America for a bit.  We also are teaching his fiance and his friend! Our apartment is nice it's a lot better than my older one, so I'm pretty happy about that!

My new companion, Elder Breeze, is pretty cool.  He is a lot like my last companion: he is barely taller than me, again, he plays trombone and loves music especially jazz.  He is from Indianapolis, Indiana and he has been in country for two months so he still is pretty fresh, but he is a great elder and he is fun to work with! For my district there are four of us: me and my companion and then Sister Frame, from my MtC group, and Sister Christensen from California, it's pretty small and it's weird not having other elders besides my companion but it's pretty good.

The bulgarian bread is pretty good but you've got to get it from the bakery when it's still fresh, the gevrek is pretty good ( they are kind of like bagles) and kifla is always good especially with chocolate, of course there's the banitsa and kashkavalka with the cheese and they also have some pretty good roll things with sausage they have a lot of different names for those though!

Blagoevgrad is way awesome, the people here are a lot nicer than in Burgas, at least in general on the streets, so contacting goes pretty well! I was tracting this week and ran into this one crazy guy that our MTC teacher told us a story about when he was on his mission over 5 years ago!  We sat and talked with him for a bit and I got a picture with him! I also taught English class for the first time ( there wasn't enough in Burgas for me and my companion to teach) and it is pretty fun and new!

Oh and this week, they had a couple holidays: Baba Marta and yesterday was their kind of Fourth of July! Baba Marta or grandma march is on the first of March and it basically is to celebrate the coming of spring.   For weeks before, everyone is selling these martinitsi on the street which are braclets of red and white string then on the first of March they just give them to everyone they meet and wish them health and luck and such. Then you have to wear them until you see a stork or buds on a tree then you take them off and hang them up in the tree! It is pretty cool, everyone was way happy and I got a few martenitsi from some people we met! So next year you'll have to give it a try! Thats about it from this week, Blagoevgrad is pretty cool and I really love it here so far!

Have an Awesome week! Love to you all!
Elder Maxwell

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